Night of the living dolls

I never thought I’d find myself downloading the 1968 version of Night of the Living Dead as part of my doll adventure, but that’s what happened this week.

After deciding (more or less) what I’d do with my two 1/4th dolls who got shut out of the treehouse story, I’ve spent the last few days pouring through the available public domain movies and illustrations. As you might expect, given that 1923 is the general cutoff date for things falling into public domain, there are more illustrations than movies available. Like maybe 1,000,000 illustrations for each movie. Or maybe more. There are so many illustrations that it’s hard to keep count of them.

That’s redefined the storyline as mainly entering books, and just occasionally entering films. Which makes “In scene” seem like a misleading title. Maybe “In the picture”?

But, since I started with looking at movies, that’s probably where the two girls are going to end up this week. And Night of the Living Dead is the one that’s caught my eye. It’s the sort of experience that might lead the girls to choose books over movies 🙂

So, I’ve downloaded a copy, and I’ll see if I can at least get it playing on the TV in their room.

An odd day

An odd day here in doll adventure land. I started the day getting laid off, and ended it driving a dead possum up to Vancouver, WA.

And still, in-between, I managed to work up a few Rosie dreamland shots.

Here’s my in-progress shot of the island queen

I’m assuming I’ll finish up the shoot in time for Rosie’s adventure on Friday, if nothing worse happens in the meantime 🙂