The Story So Far

My doll adventure wraps through the stories of four dolls – Daisy, Camellia, Rosie, and Lily.

On Mondays, I publish new installments. Here’s the story so far:

Daisy’s adventure begins: Daisy’s adventure starts off slowly, with a day in the life. She’ll get her call to adventure soon, but right now she’s just a young women in a small town going about her day.
Camellia’s journey begins: Camellia’s story starts mid-adventure in a lone boat on the open sea. What lies behind her is a dark backstory that I don’t think I’ll ever fully reveal. What lies in her future, only Camellia can say.
Feet at sea
rosie-starts-to-fallRosie’s adventure begins: Rosie is my one “kid” doll, and she’ll have more kid-like adventures than my other dolls. That means both that I won’t put her in danger (no ocean journeys for Rosie) and that many of her adventures are pure flights of fancy. This one, though, is just a little moment in her life – a fledgling attempt to be a “big girl” and a big hairy dog to rescue her when that attempt fails.
Daisy shoots the sky: Daisy continues her day-in-the-life with a quick bike ride along with her camera and dog.daisy-shoots-the-sky
camellia-and-the-raven-4Enter Raven, stage right: Camellia’s journey continues, with an unexpected guest.
Rosie’s doll adventure, part 1: Rosie’s first real adventure begins, quietly enough, with trains, dolls, and a bedtime story.cropped-Rosie-and-her-dolls-2.png
daisy-on-laptopDaisy and the mysterious photos: Daisy reveals an old photo album with photos and newspaper articles.
Lily and the case of the lost doll, part 1: Lily's adventurous life story begins with a little mystery and a small client.lily-and-child-look-under-bench
snapshot0Storm at sea: Camellia is tossed and turned in a violent sea.
Rosie's doll adventure, part 2 : Rosie enters the land of the dolls, and returns with a gift.dolls-in-van-gogh-room-2
while the sranger drops a torn photo]Daisy and the mysterious stranger: Daisy meets a mysterious stranger with a torn photo.
Lily and the case of the lost doll, part 2: Lily continues her search for the lost doll, and discovers a new way of seeingLily sits up in bed
Danger afoot: Camellia lands and encounters danger on shore
Rosie's fairy adventure: A day playing with fairy paper dolls leads Rosie back out her window at night.
Putting the pieces together: Daisy finally has enough info to put the pieces together.
A trip to the past: Lily recalls a devastating letter she received 10 years ago.
Rosie's fairy adventure, part 2: Rosie meets the fairy queen and receives a gift.
Camellia and a gift from the sea: Camellia finds her heart's desire floating on the ocean.
Daisy takes off: Daisy has finally put the pieces together, and now her adventure begins.
Episode 20: Lily paints disturbing images: Lily holds her son-in-law's letter and paints a nightmare
Episode 21: The Gift. Camellia receives a gift.
Episode 22: Rosie's bird adventure, part 2. Rosie finds a new friend.
Episode 23: Cado's story A story retold from a new vantage point.
Episode 24: Camellia finds a friend Camellia leaves camp and returns to find a visitor.
Episode 25: Rosie's bird adventure, part 2 Rosie flies away on a falcon's back to the land of the birds.
Episode 26: Uncovering the past Together with Daisy, Lily uncovers history.
Episode 27: Camellia works on the hut and recalls her escape Camellia recalls the night she began her journey.
Episode 28: Rosie's pirate adventure, part 1 Rosie's night starts with reading Treasure Island and ends with pirates on the windowsill.