Follow Each Doll’s Story

My story loops through each doll’s adventure, weaving them into a single story. You can follow the links below to see how each story unfolds separately.

Daisy's story
Episode 1: Daisy's adventure begins
Episode 4: Daisy shoots the sky
Episode 7: Daisy and the mysterious photos
Episode 11 - Daisy and the mysterious stranger
Episode 15: Putting the pieces together
Episode 19: Daisy takes off
Camellia's story
Episode 2: Camellia’s Journey Begins
Episode 5: Enter Raven, stage right
Episode 9: Storm at sea
Episode 13: Danger afoot or dolls in danger
Episode 18: Camellia and a gift from the sea
Rosie's story
Episode 3: Rosie’s Adventure Begins
Episode 6: Rosie's Doll Adventure, Part 1
Episode 10: Rosie's doll adventure, part 2
Episode 14: Rosie's fairy adventure
Episode 17: Rosie's fairy adventure, part 2
Lily's story
Episode 8: Lily and the case of the missing doll, part 1
Episode 12 - Lily and the case of the lost doll, part 2
Episode 16: A trip to the past