New eyes: Changing the look of a doll

I love the look of the Dollzone Gill doll. Unlike most of the 1/4th dolls, Gill is solidly a kid, although maybe a kid who’s prone to allergies and is always on the outer edges of the crowd.

But, when I got my Gill, the only eyes I had for her were these odd blue eyes with cone-shaped irises (or however you pluralize that word) – the eyes actually come to a point in the center. With the red-rimmed eyes, I thought it gave her a little bit of a creepy edge in some shots, like here:

or here

Partly, it’s that the blue isn’t a great color for her, but it’s also the way the light catches on the odd shape of the eye that makes her look a little other-wordly. That wasn’t terrible for the NOTLD piece, but I wanted to recapture her little girl look.

It turns out that she has the same eye size as one of my 1/6th scale dolls, so I switched eyes between them and gave Gill a more normally shaped pair of brown eyes. Here are a few shots with her new eyes:

I think she’s solidly back in little girl land now.

Apparently, Charlotte and Emily had a timely send-off for Roger Gorman. Most of his early films are in the public domain, so download a copy of NOTLD or Bucket of Blood and have a fun evening.

This week, I’ll be finishing the penultimate My Doll Adventure episode, with a whirlwind of activity as everyone makes their way to the location that Rosie pinpointed. In my never-ending revision mode, I’ve given that adventure a new name, and left the “My Doll Adventure” name as the moniker for my whole effort to create all these different stories.

In honor of their Italian heritage (and my own), and their floral names, I’m calling it my little flower, or Mia fiorella. I’m imagining it’s what Lily called Camellia when she was a little girl. If I’ve gotten the Italian wrong, let me know 🙂


In the Picture: Endless summer

The start of summer finds two sisters luxuriating in their freedom.

OK, maybe they’re the tiniest bit bored.

By evening, they settle in to watch a little TV.

Oh, great, it’s Night of the Living Dead.

Hearing a sound at the door, they go to investigate.

And quickly slam it shut.

Well, *that* was certainly odd!

And welcome to In The Picture, where two sisters find themselves, well, in the picture.

Guess they’re going to have to be more careful about what they watch 🙂