Where it all started: Daisy taking off

Daisy was my first doll, and photographing her taking off was my first step into my doll adventure.

I fell in love with the image of her lying in her bathrobe with her hair sprawled out behind her.

And I loved it even when the lighting was ridiculous and her room was obviously way too small

By the way, she’s still wearing those adorable bunny slippers in the setup that I finally used, they just didn’t make it into the final shot.

In my original series of shots, I had two more images – one where she packs a suitcase, and a final one where she’s holding her bags and ready to go.

Here she is, posing in her ridiculously small room (it’s a living room from a 1/12 scale doll house), folding up her clothes.

and the actual shot (taken earlier indoors)

And here she is dressed and ready to go, although she’s dressed more like she’s heading to New York 🙂

I’m forever taking and discarding scenes. Sometimes because I can’t get them to turn out right, like this attempt to fit all three fairies onto Rosie’s bed.

Or because, although sweet, they don’t have the magic of the best shots, like this vignette of Rosie and Buu reading The Secret Garden together.

In the case of Daisy’s missing “getting ready to go” shots, though, it was just because I’d captured everything that I needed to share in the first shot, so I just moved on to Daisy waving goodbye. I even clipped a very sweet shot of her with my (apparently headless) James Franco exact-relation-to-be-revealed doll, because I felt like it would rob some of the emotion of the shot with Rosie waving goodbye.

Speaking of images I love, I’m also in love with the image of Camellia relaxing on a hammock.

Here with my cat Lulu playing a not entirely benign standin for her panther companion. Eventually, I’m going to get that hammock to Camellia, wherever she is. But it’s going to take some agent to carry it to her 🙂