Underfoot: A visit to the dollhouse

The girls start their adventure in a world largely in their own scale – a visit to Lily and Rosie on the My Doll Adventure set.

They start with a visit to Lily

Then Jinjur stays behind for Lily to try to fix her hair

While upstairs, Buu and Rosie go for a wild dog romp

and share bedtime secrets.




Seeing in 1/6 scale

I find it very hard to look at everyday objects and imagine what they might be in 1/6 scale. For my main doll adventures, that means I mostly either make everything in their world, or buy readymade playscale objects.

But, for my Underfoot adventure, it doesn’t make much sense for them to have object built to their scale since they’re residents in a normal scale world. That’s left me wandering the aisles of hardware stores trying to look at everything through their eyes and see what they might find useful, in the hopes of creating a Borrowers-type setting for them. But, so far, I’ve been utterly unable to make that transition. Everything just looks like what it is. Maybe if I took my dolls shopping with me?